Why Not Spray Paint Branches?

DIY  Spray painted branches

During Thanksgiving break, I spent a few days at my grandmothers house picking oranges. See that post here. I had an amazing time, and brought home some fun branches that I wanted to paint to make my living room decor a little more festive.


The project is simple, really, its almost funny!


What you need:

Branches and sticks of your choosing. (I like the dried ones)

Spray paint – I chose metallic gold

A ventilated space to do your work!


1. Lay your branches down in a single later on something you don’t mind getting spray paint all over. I placed mine in a box.

2. Spray paint your branches to your desired sheen

3. Marvel in your glory for you have recycled something to have use in doors!

2014-12-06 17.34.08


2014-12-06 17.34.34


2014-12-06 17.33.29


How fun would It be to paint these guys in red and green and add them to your Christmas Wreaths! Maybe pastels and create easter nests? Oh my gosh! Glitter!







  1. Vicky says:

    Great project! I love the look of painted branches and never thought about gathering a bunch and spray painting! I will be keeping tho project in mind :).

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