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I grew up in a bit of a rappers world, my step-dad listening to 2pac and my mom listening to vulgar hip-hop recorded on cassettes. Contrary to what your thoughts are about my childhood right now, (hehehehe) I actually had a very large selection of music choices as a young girl.

Rap is funny. It’s sometimes meaningful and insightful, but also crude, offensive, and vulgar at the same time. Underneath most of the rude lyrics, there’s a layer of beauty, sincerity, and thoughtful emotion. This is where my new line of printables comes in; “Rapping Sweeties”. The Rapping Sweeties Collection will have some fun verses taken from some rap and hip-hop songs but will be placed on a fun, pretty little graphic background. You can hang them up on your walls, put them in frames, use them as desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, whatever you want. I’m open to suggestions for new ones, too!


The Writing/Font

Linsdey, over at The Postman’s Knock, has been blowing my mind some beautiful calligraphy style’s she’s been creating over there. I have become so smitten with learning her technique the past few weeks! I’ve been having a great ‘ol time creating my own spin on a calligraphy that i’ve fallen in love with, that I decided to make my printables using my own handwriting turned vector graphic. There’s absolutely NO perfection to what i’m writing, but its pretty fun to make, so I hope you find just as much enjoyment in it as I do.


The Graphics

Unless otherwise stated and always with permissions, all graphics are hand drawings of my own, scanned into illustrator and photoshop, and editing to create these lil guys. Again, I hope you enjoy them!

Some of the printables I am still working on, but here’s my very first from the Rapping Sweeties line that I am creating, and i’m posting it for you, for free. Oh, lucky you.

Chalkboard Printable, Rapping Sweeties by Maiden Modern, Wiz Kahlifa, Free Printable, Homie, Best Friend


Chalkboard Background Created by: Color Me Meg, found HERE.

Writing and Wreath created by me.



Currently Working On:


“Goodies” as performed by Ciara printable for your kitchen (would be fun next too a cookie jar) 3.00 – COMING SOON


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