Positivty and Happiness



A friend challenged me this morning in our fitness group to shrug off the negative vibes, and “keep that shit out of my head”, and I do that by thinking about the things that make me happy.

For those of you that don’t know, I have a full time, corporate America job and two fun side businesses. In one business, I create/sell nail wraps, and in the other, I paint old, bruised furniture, make jewelry, paint canvas, and decoupage comic book shoes.

People often ask me how I “have time” for this “stuff” after work because I have a small baby at home to take care of. I usually respond with the typical, “His father is very supportive”.

I’m not saying these things to try to sell you anything, or show off my relationship, but to remind people that you really have to take time for yourself, too and do the things that make you happy (if those things aren’t harmful to you, or others). I have my time to paint, and make things, and Norbert has his time to watch Football and join fantasy leagues. Don’t forget you are not just a mom or dad, you are a person, too. You can’t have a happy family and happy children, if you aren’t happy and healthy yourself! I think Nicholas is a happy baby because we are all happy at home. Positivity rubs off on everyone, including littles.

I’m moving this challenge forward by asking you to tell me below, what makes you happy? What keeps your mind positive?


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  1. Jennifer Pennington says:

    I love this post!

    What makes me happy is having that first cup of coffee in the morning, getting a massage, watching movies, writing/blogging, time with my hubby, and of course, working with my clients !

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