Orange Pickin’

Welcome to flu season, oye vei! I haven’t personally extracted it (yet) but I’ve been trying to keep my immune system  up by taking in lots of Vitamin C.

Last weekend, I went orange picking at my grandma’s house. I didn’t think there would be so much citrus during the winter, but considering that I live in Arizona, and we don’t really have a winter, it’s understandable. (Speaking of winter, how do you like the ‘snow’ coming down from the blog? Isn’t it adorable? It’s the only snow i’ll have this year!) Ahem…

It’s amazing to me that she still has so many green oranges! Most of them are as big as softballs, and the ripe ones were mostly babies in comparison.Have you ever noticed how the leaves smell of a specific tree? It’s beautiful! Every time i’d pull a branch and grab an orange, I could smell this citrus explosion right in front of me.


Have you ever noticed how birds eat oranges? They poke a hole in them, and hollow them out. I found it pretty interesting that while we were picking, there were tons of hollowed out orange peels still hanging on the branches. I missed the photo op, but I even saw a small bird sitting inside of an orange eating it. After he flew away, I managed to pick off what he left behind:

2014-12-02 07.52.04


I wasn’t the only one having a good time. Nicholas hung out beside me on the chilly morning, too.

2014-12-02 07.54.46


and my grandma’s dog, Kujo.

2014-12-02 07.52.54



While I was sitting up in the tree, I thought it would be a good idea to snap off some of the harder branches for a fun little DIY vas project. I’m working on it now, so i’ll post up my results for Why Not Wednesday, next wedenesday.


Have a great day, and remember to stock up on your vitamin C for this flu season!


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  1. Vicky says:

    Fun post! Wish I could go orange picking this time of year :). I’m more than happy to send some of the inevitable snow that we’ll get here in CT this winter your way, if you’d like!! hehehe

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