Listen To Your Heart – Coasters DIY , AND GIVEAWAY!

Why is it so hard for us to make decisions sometimes? Yes or no, do or don’t, stay or go…it’s insane!!


Most of the time we know what we should really do, our heart always knows what the right decision is.


I was searching around the Darby Smart  website a few days ago ( I HAVE AN AMAZING POST ABOUT DARBY SMART COMING SOON!), and I found a free printable graphic that said “Listen to your heart” in the most beautiful, light font. I just HAD to have it. Sometimes we forget what our hearts are really trying to tell us, so I wanted a reminder. I printed the graphic out on a regular sheet of paper, and I held on to it for a few days wondering what I would do with it. BOOM. Coasters. Why not?

  1. I see them around houses all the time
  2. I never use them, and realize I should when I leave condensation rings all over my furniture
  3. I don’t own any

After I started to make them, I just so happened to stumble across a couple’s story online about adoption. This young, sweet, and loving couple found out they were unable to conceive and in listening to their own hearts, decided to adopt. I don’t know much about adoption, but I can imagine it is a very tough decision to make, and very expensive at that.

The couple decided to have an online auction to fund-raise for their sweet baby, and bring him/her home. Aren’t these coasters perfect for that auction? They only need a few more thousand dollars to reach their goal!

If you see this post over the next few days and find it in your heart to visit their auction, click here. I can’t wait to watch their donation bar hit that goal mark!


If you can’t make the auction, and want to make your own coasters, i’ve created a mini DIY tutorial for you, below. :)


Items Needed:

  • Small Plywood squares – I cut mine into 4 inch squares and sanded the edges
  • Paint color of your choice – I used white and Pink
  • Polyurethane – to seal the paint and protect the coaster against condensation damage and scratching
  • Brushes for paint and poly
  • A graphic print out of your choice in font, or if you’re super talented, a design in mind to paint. Get the one I used here.


  • Chalk (to transfer the text to your coaster)
  • Pen (to help transfer the text to your coaster)

DIY Coasters


  1. Paint your coasters the base color of your choosing. I chose white. Let it dry!
  2. On the backside of your image (if you are using a graphic with words), color directly behind the image on the backside of your paper with the chalk
  3. Image side up, chalk side down, place the image on top of your dried coaster
  4. Using the pen, trace over your graphic lines so the chalk transfers to the coaster. Becareful not to move the paper until you are done tracing, you can lift a corner to peek though
  5. Remove the paper and paint your lines!
  6. After its dry, add as many coats as necessary and seal with polyurethane per the directions on the can. I used three coats. Wahoo! you have coasters!

Don’t Have time to make your own? Follow the giveaway below! 

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How would you like me to make you a set of your own “Listen to your Heart” Coasters? Help me spread the word about this new blog and follow the rules below!

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  1. Vicky says:

    LOVE this, Kayla!! I would never have thought to use chalk in that manner to create the outline for printed text…genius!! I will definitely keep that in mind. I love that quote too and completely agree with you regarding how important it is to listen and follow your heart. :)

    • kayla says:

      Hello Vicky! It’s definitely helpful if you don’t have a stencil source! I love it, even if it does take a little longer. Thank you for commenting!!! :)

  2. M.Shanelle says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to transfer words to be painted on wood. Your technique is genius and I can’t wait to use it to make inspirational quotes to sell at our school fundraiser. Thanks again!

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