How I Get My Son To Stop Screaming (for no reason)

Welcome to my first “Mommy hood Monday’s” series. Can I say that I am pretending that last week did not exist in the blogging world, for me? It was awful! The week before last, I didn’t think i’d have to schedule my posts. I thought to myself, Its a four day weekend for me, i’m not cooking thanksgiving dinner, and I don’t have anything major planned. Boy, was I wrong! This past week was so busy, I couldn’t even so much as OPEN my blog! Forget typing a post!

Okay, moving on to the post.

A few weeks ago while I was giving Nicholas a bath, I noticed he had some dirt on the outer rim of his ear (not his actual ear canal, the top, under the rim. It’s actually called the “Antihelix and Helix Lock. Are you asking if I googled that?! OF COURSE I GOOGLED IT!)

Anywho, As I proceeded to ‘scratch’ off the dirt from his ear, I noticed he became very calm and relaxed, he even went so far as to close his eyes. Hmm, musta’ been itchy.

Last week, the same thing happened, except he was crying, and when I lightly scratched the inside of his Helix Lock (dang, i’m so fancy) he instantly stopped crying. It wasn’t until that moment that I actually realized he LIKED it. It was calming to him, and for me, well, I thought it was pretty cool.


To give it the ultimate test, I waited until last night to record it. Before watching, there are a few things I think you should know.


1. My son was crying because we were holding him and he refused to be put down. We were getting him ready for a bath, he had already eaten and he did not have a dirty diaper. I say this, because I know how ignorant people can be. My son was not hurt.

2. The situation was funny in itself. Do I think my screaming son is funny? Not really. But the fact that he can be so easily calmed with a simple light scratch is hilarious to me.

3. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER put anything into a child’s ear canal. EVER. I don’t recommend you do either, unless your doctor is telling you to clean out their little ears with a children’s swab of some sort.

4. This probably won’t work for every baby. In fact, I’m sure it won’t.

5. I like numbered lists, if you haven’t already noticed.


Okay, here’s the video:

I don’t plan on doing this often, if ever. Mostly because I don’t want him to become immune, or worse, expect it. I just think it’s hilarious he’s so sensitive to it. How do you get your children to stop fussing? What sorts of things have you learned about them as a result of this?

Thanks for reading/watching!



  1. Rose Molinary says:

    As the mom of a 15 month old I can say sometimes you do whatever it takes! :) I swore I wouldn’t be one of those moms who let their toddler play with their phone. But he loves the Fisher Price educational apps. I figure at least he’s learning and I can drive in peace or grocery shop in peace! :)

    • kayla says:

      I can totally relate! I promised myself i’d only let Nicholas watch 15-20 minutes of television per day, the rest of the time would be spent playing with things that will help his brain put things together, that was, until he discovered the baby works channel. He loves Peek-a-boo, and this little skit called the notekins. It’s so hard to take something away that they respond to so well! We still try though!

  2. Vicky says:

    Love this! How cute is he?! That’s great that you’ve found a little off switch so if you’re somewhere where you need him to be quiet, you can implement your little secret weapon ;).

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