Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies!


I wanted to start off today’s post by reverting to my comeback post from last week and my epiphany about being my own woman. We are all unique, and our titles as women do not always represent who we are as individuals. Some of us are mommies, others sucessful business women, some of us are single, and some of us are wives. Some of us are sisters, and others are performers, but no matter what our title of the moment is; it will never reflect EVERYTHING WE ARE.

The 2015 female is everything. We are all different shapes and sizes, beautiful in our own rights, and one of the things I have noticed, is we are all unique.


Share this day, especially with your families, friends, and loved ones and remind them how special they really are as an individual. Go ahead! Grab your phone, text your best female friend, your mom, or sister if you can, and tell them WHY you love them. I dare you. :) Make a special lady smile, and appreciate Women’s day for what it is! I promise, you’ll smile too.




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With the love and celebration of women in mind, I also wanted to introduce some exciting news. Maiden Modern (ahem, that’s me. :) ) has officially become a merchandiser of Chloe + Isabel, and I couldn’t be prouder. I definitely feel like c+i celebrates the female in its own ways and shows its love and celebration in the form of beautiful jewelry. Some pieces are bold and fun, and some are simple and elegant. I can’t wait to get into everything the company is and represent its amazingness!

Does the special lady in your life need a new piece for her collection? Do you need a new piece for yours? Check out my boutique today, and tell me what kind of lady you are. Are you a Chloe, or are you an Isabel?




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