Dry Brush Painting – First Attempt

While scouring furniture stores, google images and pinterest, I came across an amazing group of photos where people “dry brushed’ their projects. I had only seen dry brush effects in a few other places and before a few weeks ago, it did not peak my interest. I cannot say why, but something was different this time.

For those of you who don’t know, Dry Brush painting is when you dip only the tip of your brush in paint and paint in long, scratchy strokes, and then you go over the strokes with a dry brush in the same direction. The wood is intended to show through and the piece appears moderately shabby.


My guy found this desk at a yard sale a few weeks ago to hold all my Jamberry nail stuff in, and I immediately wanted to try the technique on this desk. In typical fashion here is my lousy “before” picture.


Sheesh, I have GOT to get better at before pics. *Sigh*

It was raining out, and since the dry brush strokes resemble hard rain fall, I decided to use a blue and lavender mix..makes it look like a nice little storm, huh?


Ohhh, Fun. :)

After the piece was complete, I wasn’t sure I liked it. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I want to re-do it. What do you think?


Don’t you just love that Einstein print? What do you think about a color for the frame?

Thanks for Reading!


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