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So far, most of my posts have been about furniture revamps. What products do I use? Why do I use it? I have received several different emails asking me about what products I use and why I haven’t posted the “prime and prep” methods I use BEFORE I paint. The reason is, I never prep or prime my pieces before I paint them. Why, you ask? Oh. That’s because I use Chalky Paint.

Chalk Paint- which is not to be confused with chalkBOARD paint, is a type of paint that adheres to most surfaces without prepping. There is no need to sand anything down, and there is no need to apply more than 1 or 2 coats of paint to your piece for a smooth, opaque look. Chalk paint distresses beautifully, and will never peel on you. It can be left as is, but for normal wear and tear of a piece, can be waxed to your desired sheen. Stuff is magical.

The original chalk paint was created by Annie Sloan and while it is amazing and gorgeous and beautiful and all the other great words I can think of, but not type out, it’s a little out of my price range. Do I think the product is worth the cost? Absolutely. Do I want to spend the extra money? Not really, especially because I’ve been able to find another product equally amazing.

Before I found BB Frösch (it was recommended to me by the lovely girls of Lolly Jane), I was working in my awesome lab kitchen making my own chalk style paint because other brands I used just didn’t cut it for me. There are hundreds of youtube videos and pins on pinterest about how to make your own, and my guy and I decided we’d try a few methods. While I believe making your own is the most cost effective way of getting your chalk paint, I also know from experience it can be time consuming. The question also comes to mind, What are you REALLY using?

Most chalk paint can be made with powdered calcium (this is usually found in bulk through medical companies, or ebay) or it can be made with Plaster of Paris. Guess what I just learned?

Plaster of Paris contains harmful ingredients that can cause cancer.

We can debate about this all day, but I sleep much better knowing what I’m using on my furniture, especially with a baby in the house.

And then BB Frösch came into my life.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and COMPLETELY eco friendly when you use it with a No-VOC paint, BB Frösch is where its at with chalk paint. I purchased a sample/starter kit and took a class that correctly taught me how to use the products in this fascinating, magical little kit, and I fell in L O V E. Oh. You want to know what’s in the box, don’t you? Of course you do.

Image of BB Frösch Starter Kit (retail value $124)

image from BB Frösch website

  1. (2) jars of BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder (enough for about 2 quarts of paint)**
  2. (1) Large BB Frösch Paint Brush
  3. (1) Large BB Frösch Wax Brush
  4. (1) Exclusive BB Frösch Handmade Brush Conditioning Soap (this stuff smells so fresh and clean, you’ll want to bathe in it. Don’t! It’s for your brushes, silly.)
  5. (1) Jar Clear Finishing Wax
  6. (2) Empty 8 oz. jars for convenient paint-mixing
  7. (1) Mini Wire Whisk
  8. (1) Reusable Huck Cloth for convenient and lint-free clean-up and wiping for brushes, hands, spills, etc.
  9. (5) Lint-free 15″ square wax cloths

**2 quarts of chalky paint are more like 4 quarts for me. When you mix the powder into the paint, the paint applies more evenly, and uses a lot less coats. I’ve been able to complete two end tables using only one jar (two tablespoons of powder) of paint.

That’s a lot for the retail price. Whew!

It takes 2 tablespoons of powder and one tablespoon of water mixed together to pour into a sample size paint pot. You can use any FLAT latex paint as a base *the endless color possibilities are what bought me*, but I recommend using home depot’s Behr brand as their paint already has a nice primer in it, so it applies a little more smoothly.


I have two projects i’m currently working on with this wondrous powder of infinite glory (too much?) and I cannot wait to share them with you! In the meantime, I hope this answered your questions about my prep time. I HAVE NONE! Who has time for that stuff when you have gorgeous pieces to make? Uh, not this girl.


As always, Thanks for reading.


DISCLOSURE – I was not paid or asked to write this review by any one, or any company. All opinions and tips are my own. I really love this product, and style of paint. Try it out yourself!


  1. Vicky says:

    Ooh..I’ve never heard of chalk paint, but I love to paint & redo furniture. I HATE the sanding/priming part of the project, so next time, I’m going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!!

    • kayla says:

      You are welcome!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your next project! If you’re opposed to making your own, or buying this brand, Homedeopt has a good chalk paint called Americana!

  2. Jennifer Pennington says:

    Never heard of chalk paint before, and honestly, at first I instantly thought you meant chalkBOARD paint ! LOL ! This is so cool and its so awesome that you tried to make your own but ended up finding a great brand, eco friendly and awesomely priced. I am with you 100% on using natural things and trying to go as clean, eco friendly and safe as possible! Great post hun! Can’t wait for your next projects.

    • kayla says:

      I know! the chalk terms can be so confusing, but the stuff is truly amazing! I love painting furniture (or anything for that matter) so I try to take the fastest, cleanest routes possible.

  3. Tanya Patxot says:

    OMG love this… I just bought a new house and it’s gorgeous… I have so many DIY projects it’s crazy and I want to start working with palettes and I thought of all the prep work I am now a fab of BB and will be using them often hahaha… Very excited I can simplify things. GREAT post….

    • kayla says:

      Hello Tanya! I am so glad you will be trying them out! I love them! You will save a ton of time on your projects, and they will look soooo beautiful! Please come back and share your pieces!

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