A Passion for Fashion…Haha, Just Kidding.


Why do I do what I do? Well, it depends on what I’m doing.

I started finger painting at around two years old and I remember growing up, my mother used to hang my art in my room and cover the walls with it. I was always happy when she and my grandmother were proud of me, and every time I drew a picture, made them a necklace, or sculpted something out of clay, they always seemed pleased with it. When I created art, I felt happy and free, like nothing else mattered in the world.

I’m 27 and I still feel like that today.

For me, working with my hands has always been a relaxer for me; crafts are something I look forward to each week, and I love change. Pops of color, beautiful architecture, flavorful foods and sweets, and a detailed piece of abstract art make me smile. My passion stems from a lifetime of fun and making people smile, myself. I love to teach, and I love to create, so why not do both? Funny thing about life, huh, when you’re happy, everything works out for you. It’s no secret, it’s the spread of positivity and it really works well. I have days when I make something and someone thinks it’s ‘not for them’ and that’s okay. I realize (And most importantly, accept) that my style may not work for everyone, but that’s the thing about passion, it doesn’t really matter. These days, my passions are spreading like a wildfire. Baking, Mommy-hood, Nail Designs, Furniture Re-vamping, creating Jewelry…I’m pretty much everywhere, but it stems from who I am and what I choose to be surrounded with.


It’s taking time, but I’m still learning….

The fundamentals of life ARE NOT all based around financial stability. YES, I understand that we need to make money to be able to survive and life comfortably, but what matters to me the most at the end of day are my family, my friends, and MY overall happiness. I give myself large goals to achieve and I dream really big sometimes, and SOMETIMES the expectations I have of myself are way too far out there, but I give myself those goals to see how far I can push myself. We all want to be heard, and appreciated, and most of us want to inspire…but we can’t do any of those things without a passion and love for life of itself.

Okay, I feel it…I’m getting too deep. I’m pretty far under, so I’m going leave this post AT THAT, and carry on with my day. What drives you? What is your passion in life, and where does it come from?


  1. Rikki Rivera Koch says:

    I love this, especially how you began with your earliest, happiest memories. I agree that we have to push ourselves and giving ourselves goals is such a great thing to do to keep that drive going. Keep on keeping on!

  2. isabellabubola says:

    I feel the same way about creating, and in the past year or so I’ve learn that I like teaching as well! I think it’s important to give ourselves big dreams, even if we don’t tell them to no one and keep them for ourselves. That way we can try our hardest and maybe really make a difference. I enjoyed this post! :)

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