6 Reasons Why I Love Direct Sales


Why I love Direct Sales

Direct Sales? Yes! Direct Sales! Ugh! I know what you’re thinking, ‘but, Kayla! Direct Sales ARE THE WORST!’ No. No they aren’t. We are all selling something, and we all have something to sell. That hairstyle that you’re rocking? I love it, and at some point, i’m going to ask where you got it done. Cute watch! I’d love one! Where can I get it? Where do you work? Oh, how can your job help me? Sell, sell, sell, it’s what we do. Why not get paid for something you’re going to sell anyway? Whether you are selling, or you’re a client of someone selling, direct Sales can be so amazing, and here are the reasons why:


1. Direct Sales will encourage you to meet new people. I have found that I love to be a chatty cathy. I talk and talk to anyone who is willing to listen. I love to tell jokes, make people smile, and i’m pretty good at validating other people, but when it comes to selling I freeze up. Direct Sales allow me to easily strike up a conversation with someone about something I love. It makes the “sales” part less of a job and more like a regular conversation.

2. You learn a sense of community. Most direct sales companies encourage your growth and involvement with sales, because well, essentially the people involved count on your sucess to be sucessful. While this can be seen in a negative light, I definitely feel like my team is just that — a TEAM. We all encourage each other’s success and love talking about our accomplishments, and are there for each other in our downfalls. Are you having an amazing month in sales? Celebrate with your team! Are you struggling trying to make that quota, or reaching out to potential clients? Ask your team for help, and they will be there. If they aren’t, you can always push for a move.

3. Contrary to what most believe, there usually isn’t any pressure. If you have a friend who is selling something like Avon, MaryKay, wellness vitamins, herbal supplements, etc., you may feel overwhelmed by the pressure your friend is putting on you to buy from them, throw a party, or contribute to their newfound life plan. You may be thinking that you will need to help them. If you aren’t interested in what your friend is selling, simply say so. MOST people in direct sales companies would rather spend their time on someone willling, or even on the fence. If you let them know you aren’t interested in purchasing, but still want to support them, be honest! In my case, and in the case of many of my associates, we can always find other places to use your help, and if you aren’t interested at all, we understand, too! We are excited in what we are selling, but know that there are tons of others that may not feel the same, and that’s okay!

4. Women Empowerment – ‘Nuff Said. If you’re not a woman, that doesn’t mean this does not apply, but for me, I feel a sense of ownership with what I do. This is MY business, and I can bring home my own hard earned money to the table where I don’t have to take orders from someone else. Direct Sales companies give us a reason to have a money making hobby — we are our own boss. Let us do our thing, it’s freeing.

5. You can earn enough to quit your day job — If you’re moving enough product, and sincerely enjoy it. Let’s face it, building clientelle takes time, patience, and yes, sometimes even some money out of your own pocket, but it is so worth it if you stick with it. You’ll have slow weeks, good weeks, and amazing days , but if you’re consistent, happy, plan well, and are enthusiastic about what you are selling/doing, you will find that others will naturally pick up on why you love your product so much. Honesty is always key with your customers, remember: Treat EVERYONE the way you want to be treated yourself. Celebrate the positives of your product excessively, but don’t forget to mention any downfalls. If you don’t, it will hurt you later.

6. Free Product! Hello! There’s a reason why you got involved with this company — YOU LOVE STUFF! Most direct sales companies give their sales people credit in product for certain milestones met. Use those goals as your push to motivate yourself! You want that free stuff so you don’t have to pay for it, and the positive to free product, is free advertisement for you! Are you getting free make-up? Wear it? Free skin care! Show what it does for you!

I do direct sales because I love it. I still have a full time regular ol 9 to 5, but direct sales gives me the time I want for myself to earn extra money, and to meet new people. I consider it a hobby that gives back, and I sincerely believe I have an amazing product to introduce to people. While all of the above statements may not be true to ALL sales people, clients, and companies, in my 7 years of experience it rings true to most.

So, What are you selling? Are you making money from it?


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Maiden Modern is currently a merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel. While this post is not directly related to our jewelry business, we included pictures from our boutique as examples. If you are interested in purchasing jewelry from the collection, please click here.


  1. Taylor Yates says:

    Excellent reasons! I like that you said something about not having to feel pressured…I totally feel pressured when my friends are selling something to buy it or go to their party. Makes me feel better that I can just let them know I’m not interested and in most cases they’ll be totally chill with it.


    • kayla says:

      It works for me! I’d like to keep my friends, and would hate to sabotage a friendship because I wanted them to buy something they weren’t interested in!

      On the other side, there are definitely sales pitchy people out there who bug people to buy. I don’t see positive long-term results with pestering people, so I don’t bother.

  2. Megan Elford says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with direct sales, lol! As in, I usually love the products my friends are selling, but I’m not great at throwing parties for them. I do love the fact that women (and men too!) are able to sell what they love on their own schedule and with their own time constraints. And I would much rather buy from a friend (even if it’s a friend I’ve just met) than a stranger for sure.

    • kayla says:

      Loving the products is HUGE as a client for a friend who is selling stuff! Just because you’re not throwing parties, doesn’t mean you’re not helping! You’re walking advertisement for products you love! I’d take that over a one time party any day! :) Thanks for visiting, Megan!

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m not too chatty and I’m a total introvert, so I’d probably be terrible at direct sales! But it’s awesome that you embrace your job! I think it’s super important to love what you do! :) Awesome!

    • kayla says:

      You’d be surprised! I bet if you found something you really loved, and were complimented on it all the time, you’d do an amazing job at selling it without even knowing that you’re selling it! :)

  4. Allison says:

    I had never thought of it this way! I always thought it was scary and involved lots of pressure. You’re right though, if you find something you genuinely love and believe in, it won’t seem like selling!

    • kayla says:

      Just like anything, it truly depends on the person. I never want anyone to feel pressured when making a purchase simply because I don’t want someone to be dissapointed with me, or the product. As a Merchandiser for a direct sales company (www.maidenmoderncandi.com) I want to be able to build friendships with my clients, not one time customers that hate me! :)

  5. Abby Flynn says:

    I have to admit: I am the person who dreads when my friends start selling something! (Right now essential oils seem to be the thing.) But I know for them the products really are something they believe in.
    I will say I think it takes certain personality types to do direct sales, and those personality types are a gift! It sounds like you love the experience so far which is awesome!

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