10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Most of you reading this probably don’t know me at all, so the chances of you knowing my deepest secrets are pretty slim.

In today’s Day 4 blogging post for Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge, we were asked to come up with 10 things most people don’t know about us. I sat here for a while, thinking and thinking: What don’t people know about me that I WANT them to know about me? And the answer is….nothing.

I talk a lot, A LOT, and if you still don’t get it, look back on my posts; I am FULL of information. I talk about myself all the time! I talk about what I like to do, where I like to go, what happened to me….I talk about where I like to eat, who I like to mingle with but rarely if ever do I talk about who I am as a person. What? Who does that? I don’t want to self-evaluate myself in front of countless strangers and acquaintances. Weird.

Today’s challenge was a successful one for me, because I feel myself feeling a little vulnerable, and I’m realizing I am about to spill my paint all over your clean white floor. I’m challenging myself to exit my comfort level. Here I go.

  1. I am self conscience about my appearance. Not just my weight, my everything. I poke at myself all the time in all the wrong ways. I know it’s bad, and ultimately it is self destructive and unhealthy, but some days I can’t help it. A few years ago, I started writing “You Are Healthy, You Are Kind, You Are Beautiful” on my bathroom mirror so I would read it every morning while getting ready. I laughed a few days, and a few days, I wanted to erase it, but it started to work. I started making better decisions about what I chose to put in my mouth, started smiling more, and started to feel better overall. I know I need that ME back, and I’m working very hard to get it.
  2. I am afraid of the dark. No joke. Seriously. Scary.
  3. I suffer from Sleep Paralysis. This might to hand in hand with #2, and it sucks. This mostly happens to me when I’m super tired and haven’t relaxed in a few days. It’s a real thing, and it’s scary and it sucks. For those of you who don’t know, sleep paralysis happens when you are stuck in what I like to call ‘sleep limbo’. Your mind is awake, but your body is dead asleep. Nightmares usually begin, and in your mind, you can see/hear very horrible things happening (or what sounds like 500 people trying to yell in your ear at the same time), but you can’t move. In my case, my eyes are usually open and my dreams take form partially in reality. I usually want to call out for someone to wake me, but I can’t move. It either goes away on its own after a few minutes, or I force my eyes to close, think happy thoughts, and wake myself up. I don’t recommend researching it unless you’re ready to read some bad accounts, but if you’re interested, the basic information can be found here.
  4. I made a youtube channel and abandoned it. I didn’t mean to, it sort of just happened after I gave birth to my son. I’m thinking about making a few more videos and incorporating them into my blog. Maybe some DIY’s, or recipe walk-through’s? What are your thoughts? Leave it or revive it?
  5. I am one of 7 children from my mother’s side. A lot of people don’t know this because I was only raised with one sister and one brother my entire life. My oldest sister was adopted to another family before I was born (we keep in touch and love each other very much) and my youngest brothers were born after I left for college. They are currently living with their father’s family.
  6. I was bullied as a middle-schooler. That kid made me HATE myself, and tons of other kids saw it and did nothing about it. I went home crying every day after school and several times, convinced my grandmother not to take me because I was sick. After about 6 months of name calling, shoving, hair pulling, tripping, and being spit at (yes, that happened) he told me liked me. He was a douche, but I have no communication with him anymore.
  7. I will not turn down a chocolate bar with caramel. NOT EVER. And if you have milk, I love you.
  8. I was the Associate Student Body President in High School. I had my own opening graduation speech and everything. For some reason, most people have forgotten that….including myself.
  9. I am allergic to cilantro. I know right, really? On top of that, I’m Hispanic, so it makes even less sense.
  10. I still play video games and watch cartoons. It’s not even because I have a baby. I’m just a big kid. Zelda games are my favorite, I love Skyrim, and watching Dragonball (Z), Pokemon, and Adventure Time make me a happy camper.

Some of these were harder to admit than others, but I guess it’s who I am. I tried to keep these as far away from my usual blog posts as possible so that I can share more with you in future posts.

Thanks for making me think on this one, Alex.

And YOU, YES YOU…. Thanks for reading.



  1. Ivana says:

    Totally Enjoyed your Post I feel you on that not turning down chocolate with carmel! Its like life!!! I find it hilarious for some twisted reason that your allergic to cilantro. I mean it sucks and its ironic you know lol! Great Post

  2. saralitardo says:

    Love this post about you! I’m kinda in the same area you’re in with number one. An Idea for your YouTube? People Like Tutorials. So, like you said DIY and recipes, go all out, have vlogs. I mean the possibilities are endless. I know that probably didn’t help narrow it down for you lol. I couldn’t imagine being allergic to Cilantro…. I mean that’s not cool at all. I may be hispanic too but I just couldn’t live with out it lol.

  3. Brooke Ashley says:

    Great post! Confidence is SEXY start writing on your mirror again! I am also petrified of the dark & start getting back on YouTube because I loved your tutorial yesterday and I am sure you have plenty of other great ideas! xo

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